iPhone 5 Feature Review

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  1. MatthiasRosberg

    I love the way this phone looks

  2. Yasmeen

    Samsung galaxy grand I9082 or Iphone 5 ?

  3. Patricia Davies

    now with the the iOS 7, maps are much better, close to google maps i must

  4. amr samy

    Why Iphone 5 ?

  5. WrecklessGaming

    Twss lol man

  6. D.J. Hodges

    i love how he started laughing when he was talking about “sticking it in.
    but what is the phone like? im getting it fr christmas

  7. Malcom Jay

    +SoldierKnowsBest iPhone 5 or 5c?

  8. llVideo Tutorialsll

    Whats the first game’s name that you played

  9. Spartan168

    he even laughed at 1:34 when he realized what he was saying lol

  10. SkysJAy

    What game was that with the samurai lol looks crazy ? Fun

  11. Blasian Girllaa

    What game is 2:48?

  12. MrKingBroadway93

    I can’t stand the slow 3G on the 4s

  13. Aqeel Khalid

    Apple Iphone5 Review

  14. jon michener

    I saw the”this” lol

  15. Andrew Sutcliffe

    Soldierknowsbest you always cover everything i want to know. Your the best
    tech man out there

  16. Xavier Hernandez

    1:34 lol

  17. saleem mohammed


  18. Lily Ezuma

    I’m watching this on my iPhone 5 lol

  19. Kai Hime

    I have one succcaaaaaassss!!!!!!

  20. ZachMossVideos

    my cousin has one running ios 7 runs smoothly. ANd its a lot cheaper than
    the 5s or 5c so its worth it

  21. jeduard york carvajal

    love it

  22. gerald5588

    I have an iPhone 4 white and my iPhone works just fine, that Nokia lumina
    wat ever that trash is sucks windows 8 sucks to.. And androids ain’t all
    that great iPhones are the future and will be the future product forever..
    Maybe it’s all them damn apps u download if u complain about an iPhone
    maybe it’s the way ur using it.. Mine is just fine.. I take care of my

  23. andrews navarro

    Watching this on my iphone5c

  24. Aaron Hamilton-Brown

    if you can’t afford an iphone stop complaining and let those that can enjoy

  25. maximerica

    How do you do to have some blurr in your photos

  26. Leng Zaii

    do someone thought nokia lumia windowphone are good dont make me laugh
    iphone is better

  27. denzosuperstarr

    lol!! android isnt a PHONE, its an operating system installed into phones.!
    i dont think android as a company produces a phone they just install that
    software as an operating system to a phone.. nokia lumina comes with
    windows 8 and is the best for Ant phone.. my opinion.

  28. yamunarocks

    great review! your super hot too:)

  29. hannah mackenzie

    android is better than the iphone but iphones r still a really good phone
    and i good looking phone

  30. denzosuperstarr

    iphone DOES sux.! judging from wht ppl are saying, it looks like everyone
    likes their own shit. im dayin tho, the nokia lumina 521 comes with windows
    8 operating system, and KILLS anything apple has ever made.! fing microsoft

  31. TheDevitas

    What is that game at 2:48?

  32. Gadget Review Videos

    Good job soldier

  33. Mahir Ramphal

    Iphone sucks. Galaxy rules

  34. Marquis Morgan

    Still have the white iphone 5 on Verizon

  35. Lenaaa Magdy

    I like my galaxy fame (:

  36. John Pepper

    My iphone 5hade

  37. John Pepper

    I have a iphone 5 I love it

  38. denzosuperstarr

    nokia lumina 521 with windows 8..140.00 plus tax.. iphone 5.. 499.00 and
    theres not much a nokia wont do and windows8 operating system works smooth

  39. Darshan Dhande

    A iPhone 5 running with Android 4.3 would be extremely awesome. I will be
    ready to pay 300$ for 16 GB locked.

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